Commercial & Industrial

* Three and Single-Phase Systems
* Complete main services from 100 amp and up
* 600-volt equipment: Step up/down transformers, wye/delta systems, splitters, disconnect switches & combination starters
* All types of 600/347-volt, 240/120-volt, 208/120-volt breaker panels
* Various types of conduit and cables installation
* Variable Frequency Drives single/three phase
* 347/120-volt lighting to suit applications
* Retrofit LED lighting in offices/warehouses for Hydro Energy Savings
* LED Exit Signs & Emergency Lighting
* Occupancy/Motion/Photocell sensors etc.
* Full Lighting Control Systems
* Mechanical Equipment
* Gas Detection Systems
* Snow Melting/Ramp Heating Systems
* Heat Tracing Systems


* Complete Electrical installation on custom homes
* New Services and upgrades from 100 amp and up
* Home Automation Systems for HVAC/lighting/heating control
* Full Lighting Control Systems
* Occupancy/Motion/Photocell sensors
* Outdoor landscape lighting from 12 to 120-volts
* Renovations rewiring Knob & Tube
* Lighting designs and consulting
* Contemporary lighting fixture sales