Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

Sensors are installed in compressor rooms within close proximity to compressors, close to the floor. Use series 60XX sensors and Opera 6000 control unit that is installed outside of the mechanical room at eye level to signal a potential risk to someone entering the room.  Controller features a built in audible alarm and strobe.

When using nitrogen in cryogenic applications the gas displaces air and oxygen (normally 21.5 percent) resulting in asphyxiation risk.  

Refrigerant Gas Leak Sensor – Selection Guide

Model Number Type of refrigerantSensor Range
6022 (oxygen depletion)R728 nitrogen0-50% O2
6015-5000R744 CO20-5000 ppm
6004 electro-chemicalR717 ammonia0-250 ppm
6020-513R513a0-2000 ppm
R320-2000 ppm
R1234yf0-2000 ppm
6013R220-1000 ppm
 R141b0-900 ppm
 R142b0-800 ppm
 R401a (MP-39)0-1200 ppm
 R402a (HP-80)0-1500 ppm
 R408a0-1500 ppm
 R409a0-1500 ppm
 R5020-800 ppm
6020R134a0-2000 ppm
 R152a0-600 ppm
 R404a (HP-62)0-500 ppm
 R407c0-1400 ppm
 R410a0-1400 ppm
 R5070-800 ppm