Opera’s core product, the 60xx-B series gas detector, is a stand-alone dual sensor with display, horn, strobe, two on-board relays, 3 adjustable alarms and on/off timers.  Each is equiped with a CAN BUS port that communicates via a twisted pair cable with other 60xx detectors, up to 32 units per chain.  We chose this CAN BUS for its extremely high speed, reliability, flexibility, and robustness in extreme conditions.  The detectors transmit alarms automatically to all the others on-line and targets specific ones to control the ventilation for each zone.  This intelligent network requires no costly controller yet provides a secure stand-alone platform.  Controllers or addressable relay units can be added anywhere on the network to have a display terminal in a remote location or to be close to starters.

The 60xx-B series units all have a certified BACnet MS/TP port, so a BACnet Building Management System can be connected to any of the detectors on the CAN BUS chain.  This allows the BMS to read the gas readings of all the detectors on the CAN network and over-ride the output relays on the detectors they are attached to.

The 60xx-C transmitter, also a dual sensor with display, looks like the -B outside, but inside it has no relays.  It transmits alarms and gas readings on the CAN BUS network to all the other detectors, controllers, relay panels and 60xx-B detectors which would operate the ventilation for each zone and could also interface with the BMS.  The series 60xx-C are an economical choice for medium and larger projects and the data still flows through the 60xx-B (master) units into the BACnet BMS system.

The 60xx-A has analogue outputs. It is identical to the 60xx-B but with one less relay and the addition of 2 analogue outputs.   The A series can modulate variable speed motor controllers directly.  They are also used for the occasional upgrade to older systems, still using discrete cabling to every sensor.  Over 90% of the detectors Opera has supplied over the last 20 years are running on either CAN BUS networks, BACnet networks, or both.